What are the laws related to tax?

Different types of Tax law.

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Laws Related to Tax are:

  1. Income Tax Ordinance, 1984
  2. Finance Act (passes every year by the parliament)
  3. Amusements Tax Act 1922 (Taxes on betting and wagering under a licensed bookmaker)
  4. Land Development Tax Ordinance, 1976 (Taxes on agricultural, non-agricultural and other land)
  5. Motor Vehicles Tax Act, 1932
  6. Municipal Taxation Act, 1881 (empowers the government to prohibit the levy of municipal taxes payable by persons in the military, naval or  air-force service or by the government.
  7. Gift Tax Act, 1990
  8. Value Added Tax Act, 1991
  9. Travel Tax Act, 2003
  10. Wealth Tax Act, 1963 (Repealed)




Answered on 26/09/2017.
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